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  • Lightweight design

    Yikun Electronics has a strong connector design, R&D team, and R&D design engineers with more than 20 years of connector technology. The minimum design pitch is 0.2MM and the minimum design height is 0.85 MM. It provides customers with ultra-light and thin connector solutions with superior performance. , completely replace the Japanese, American, Korean connector manufacturers
  • Quality standardization

    Zhongming Precision Mingteng Electronics has passed the international ISO19001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. It has a complete quality management team and connector laboratory. Through professional quality personnel and advanced quality testing equipment, each connector product has the highest quality.
  • Production automation

    Zhongming Precision Mingteng Electronics has the industry's advanced connector assembly line, cooperate with the world's advanced stamping equipment, injection equipment, and implement lean production to ensure process stability and provide strong production capacity, so that our products will always have a competitive advantage.
  • Professional service

    Zhongming Precision Yuming Teng Electronics has a professional and well-trained service team. From the early stage of customer design, we provide professional connector solutions. At the connector procurement stage, we provide competitive costs; connectors During the delivery phase, we have a fast response speed; in the post-sales phase of the connector, we have a professional quality management team.




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